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Pixel YGG SuperQuest Guide


  • Pixel YGG SuperQuest Guide es una guía para el juego de realidad virtual Pixel YGG que ayuda a los jugadores a avanzar en el juego de manera eficiente.
  • Proporciona consejos y estrategias para completar misiones, derrotar enemigos y obtener recompensas.
  • Incluye información sobre personajes, habilidades y objetos del juego.

P ixel YGG SuperQuest Guide: La guía definitiva para avanzar eficientemente en el juego de realidad virtual. Descubre consejos, estrategias y secretos para completar misiones, derrotar enemigos y obtener recompensas. Domina el juego y conviértete en un jugador experto.

Yield Guild Games (YGG), a prominent player in the blockchain gaming, has recently introduced an exciting new feature in the popular game Pixels - guilds. This long-awaited addition has been met with great enthusiasm from players as it opens up a whole new dimension of social interaction and cooperative gameplay.

To mark this momentous occasion, YGG has launched Superquests within the game, designed to educate and guide players on how to join and thrive a guild. These Superquests serve as a comprehensive tutorial, providing players with valuable insights and strategies to make the most of their guild experience.

Without further ado lets get started, (1) first go to Eastearn part of Teravilla.

(2) Enter inside the GuildCastle

(3) Click Player_w3 to get the first quest started, in this quest you have to get the Magnifying glass within the garden.

(4) Step outside the castle and go to the left part of castle and click exactly where i got the magnifying glass.

(5) Get back inside the castle and submit the 1st quest to Player_w3.

(6) Next for the 2nd quest go to right side and click on LUKE, in this quest you will use the magnifying glass to observe the broken windows of Post Office in terravilla.

(7) Go to Teravilla and use you magnifying glass to observe the broken Window above the Post Office, to get the "Mysterious Fingerprint".

(8) Go back to Guild Castle and submit the 2nd quest to LUKE.

(9) For the last 3rd quest go to left side then click GABBY.

(10) Go inside the Pixel HQ in terravilla, and use the key to enter inside the door.

(11) Behind the door, move over here then use magnifying glass in this part to get the "Power Pixel".

(12) Lastly go back to the Guild Castle to submit the last 3rd quest to GABBY then its done you finish the YGG Superquest Congratulations!.

You can watch this OLA VIDEO GUIDE MASTER to learn the visual steps.

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